Our Company

Audio Design has been in the professional audio business for a two decades and the founder of the company Johan Malmberg has more than three decades of success as a professional loudspeaker designer.

The company's main business are Loudspeaker design and Studio Monitor tuning in the control room acoustics and control room acoustic optimization.

In the loudspeaker design area we act as consultant or partner in joint venture, but we don't market any product brand our self. The typical activity is OEM customer loudspeaker design.

In the studio area our unique competence is in control room loudspeaker tuning, that is, to optimize the studio monitor speakers in the control room acoustic environment. And optimization of the control room acoustics.


Some of our clients

Deniz PoP, Cheiron Studios

Max Martin, Maraton Studios


Rob & Raz


Sidelake studios

Smart Music

Stone Bridge

Studio Gröndahl


In our Loudspeaker development the core measurement tool is AudioTools and LMS. We have been using LMS since 1994, at that time we were one of the first user in Europe. For time domain measurements we are using Audiotools.

For Studio monitor controll room tuning, the acoustic measurment main tool is AudioTools with B&K microphones and micpreamps. We have a dedicated mesurment kit setup and a well establiched process in order to minimise the mesurment time. The main step in the process are: Mesurment, collection of data. Post processing and analyze of data. Corrective actions in the controll room. Mesurment confirmation of the resoult.

The microphones and micamps are always Bruel & Kaer.

We are using the industry standard measurement equipment and simulation tools, like: Audiotools, MLSSA, LMS,PC-RTA, B&K, EASE, WinSpeaker, AutoCad, etc.



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